Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marvin's Getaway | Exploring West U.S.


Last September Marvin had to go to the states for his love of basketball. Every year he always make to a point that he should not miss the Los Angeles Lakers game. Even if he didn’t get a season pass because it’s too expensive he would at least watch one of Kobe’s games.  And included to fulfillment of his dreams is a yearly visitation to his family and relatives in San Diego, Orange County, Escondido, Long Beach, Sanfo etc. And to that year he met “kuya Ronald and Kuya Jun” both cousins of his Mom and they tour Marvin along Vegas and Laguna Beach.

According to Kuya Jun, Laguna Beach is where Famous “BAYWATCH” T.V series in the United States shoot.

Laguna Beach is a seaside resort city and artists community located in southern Orange County California and is the second oldest city in Orange County.

Lots of "Beach Bum" were on their bikini's having their skin tan.
So i warned Marvin not to play around... (as if I can actually see what he's been doing)


  1. Akala ko Laguna sa Pinas, Haha... Talagang superfan talaga si Marvin ng basketball at pumunta pa talaga ng US :)

  2. oo ed nako kung alam mo lang.. super fan yan ni Kobe, pang 4th visit na niya yan from 2009-2011 para lang makanuod ng basketball.. post ko dito ung nanuod sya ng Lakers game..