More of Me

...Born in Manila, Raised in Tondo...

 A 24 year old grown up who's most of the time hard headed, attention seeker when little, talkative during class, always belong to a "cream of the crop" section, has Honors in Kindergarten and Prep but never in Elementary (because of her classmates moms who's always beside her teachers chatting) "SIP-SIP" is the right term for them...

Fried Chicken, Hotdog, Bacon, Ham, Spam and everything sumptuous plus fried rice is what her Mom always prepares for her breakfast. Her Mom always proud of her being on top section (1), maybe that means that her daughter is brilliant in class. Having a loving Mom, she grew up a little brat but not spoiled.

During her elementary years in school, she always had an argument with Daisy and Jean. While Angelica, the quiet, little, tiny girl wearing a thick eye glasses (her opposite) is her best friend. Ms. Yap and Mrs. Dacanay was her unforgettable Advisers. Mrs. Caballa and Mrs. Duenas her teacher in Sibika at Kutura was her favorite... Liking Mrs. Duenas may explain why she loves nature and the Philippines as well.

In her High School Years she met a lot of different people, from terror teachers to a not so respectable one, from weird classmates to an untrue colleagues... Then she realized that she can't find Angelica on them, its sad that she needs to enroll on a different school, but not until she met Maggy... another innocent looking girl yet a brat, funny and talkative indeed. Just like Angelica. 

Then came the Banana Cute group (derived from their favorite Banana Cue) in first year with her gay friend Gerwin Nable, Heidi Prudente, Rosette Alunan and Donnalyn Marfil.

VViCCKAJE in third year. VViCCKAJE stands for Vivien Ubac, Vigielyn Garcia-Nepomuceno, CarlaAcosta, Carlina Reyes, Kim Zarraga, April Cruz, Jenelyn Baldejueza and Erlie Billones. Being in this girl-group brought her lots of fun and trouble, shouting to her rivals while the class is on and the Teacher is in front, playing outdoor games while riding in a Bus and wearing pants and shirt which is prohibited during their field trip. Making themselves a "rotten" apple of the eye of the school heads... they gave them a tag name HHTM (Hard Headed Trouble Maker)

She took-up Nursing Course not knowing that taking up such will bring her headache and minimal fun. During her college days, she never have time going out and experience night life with her friends, that maybe makes her life boring yet meaningful, no smoke. Graduated last 2009 yet never work as a nurse nor took a Nursing Licensure exam. 

Now she's a freelance business woman, soon to open a Hair Salon and Meat Shop together with his Fiancee. Still living with her loving parents, not yet married, never been a Mom but in to a 6 years relationship.

She's happy with her life right now reading books and blogging about her life, food and travels.

Yes that's Me... The humble author of this blog... Riki Zarraga :)

...Part of Me...

We've met in the year 2005, late July, introduced by a  common friend and been together for 6 years.

Marvin had been a part of me since then, he thought me everything that I know, he boosts my confidence and he's the one who believes in me. I often called him "kakampi" (ally) because he's always been there to back me up and give me moral support whenever my misanthrope strikes. He's my best friend and protector just like "my knight in shining armor". We did surpass lots of trials and ups & downs, maybe our love and respect for each other keep us together. He believes in me and in my principles, but not enough to support my travels. He's not in to traveling and hates roaming. I'm always asking and begging him to to join my ventures and shares with my excitements... but still he wouldn't. The only place that he wants to visit here in the Philippines over and over was Baguio city. We went there last April 2006 and he really enjoyed the place as well as the cold weather that prevents him from sweating.

He's one hell of a sporty guy who love's basketball and boxing. Too much to made him travel all the way to Los Angeles California U.S.A. for fourth time now just to watch Kobe Bryant played at Staples Center over and over. Met Manny Pacquiao during his training at Wild Card Gym, and took a picture of  Floyd Mayweather's Uncle/Trainer Roger Mayweather at Mayweather Boxing Club, Las Vegas (sadly he didn't had a chance to meet Floyd).

He's also a commercial model when he was a little. Did McDonald's commercial with Sharon Cuneta and Mr. tide of Tide Detergent Soap.

With his Mom and Sharon Cuneta during their taping for McDonalds

I love Marvin and always will... He's the love of my life and