Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marvin's Getaway | Exploring West U.S.


-- Fulfilling Marvin's Dream --

Marvin loves Floyd Mayweather so much to made him travel all the way to Las Vegas just to visit the boxing superstar. Unluckily Floyd weren't there at the time of his visit but Roger Mayweather (Floyd's uncle/trainer) did, so it wasn't a bad day for him after all. 

Las Vegas, Nevada is a 4 hours drive from Orange County (where he stayed for a couple of days). Kuya Ike, his Mom's cousin is generous and hospitable enough to drive for him and tour him around Vegas. Good thing Kuya Ike's sister Ate Edna lives in Las Vegas so they let her stay there for a night to save for the hotels. 

Roger Mayweather
The famous uncle/trainer of Floyd.

Don't forget to grab a TEE as a souvenir. 

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