Monday, February 13, 2012

6 months and counting... :D

Its been 6 months since I started my travel blog which features my travel ventures and getaways... I decided to make a blog for I can share my travel experiences and for others to appreciate the wonderful things that this world can offer. Also to convince them to travel frequent just by reading my blog posts (i hope) and fall in love to the picturesque places that I featured here.

By the end of February or early March, as I celebrate my half year being a travel blogger, me and my friends agreed to explore Puerto Galera. Why? because Puerto Galera is just about 4hrs. travel from Manila and the bus station going to Batangas Port (where we ride a ferry boat bound to Sabang White Beach [Puerto Galera]). We chose to come this early so we don't have to sync with the tons of people who wants to spend their holy week vacation here. 

My Puerto Galera Adventure will be feature here for sure :) Till my next Getaways...


  1. I miss PG! My ol' fave weekend getaway!

  2. I am eyeing for PG too. Never been here but I will surely not miss this wonderful place.

  3. akalain mong hndi pa ako nakaka-lakwatsa sa PG. haha. kaya naman pupuntahan ko na sa by the end of March :)

    congrats sa 6 months. cheers to more travels.