Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bulacan: Town of Heritage | Glimpse of Malolos

Barasoain Church
 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church

Since my Aunt and her family moved to Bulacan, my cousin and I had a lot time exploring the said province. Every weekend I tend to have my vacation spree there and accompanying by Julie (my couz), we roam around Bulacan, and our first stop is Malolos.

When I was young, I've been admiring a church behind the 10 peso bill which is the historical Barasoain Church.

Inside the Church

My Aunt lives in Plaridel Bulacan, just 20 minutes from the Malolos town proper. 

From Manila, there are lots of buses going to Malolos and other part of Bulacan. You can ride a bus at Cubao terminal station or in Tutuban RL bus liner in Divisoria just beside the PNR station going to Hagonoy or Malolos, then ask the driver to drop you in crossing where you will then ride a smaller jeepney with a sign  "Malolos Bayan" this jeep will pass in front of the church right side, or just tell the driver to drop you to Barasoain Church. The fare costs P40.00 for ordinary buses and P60.00 for air-con. From Manila it will take an hour to reach the Barasoain Church. 

The Convent

This church surpasses lots of important events in our history. Some of which were, the convening of the First Philippine Congress in 1898, drafting the Malolos constitution 1899 and the Inauguration of the First Philippine Republic.

I arrived very late so I didn't have the chance to visit the museum beside the church, where the old carriage and other church's memorabilia situated.

You can see this statue of Mary carries dying Jesus behind the church.

Mini Plaza in front of the church.

If you arrived late and waiting for the next mass to start, you can stay here.

The side door of the church, I don't why it's closed and if they open it once in a while.


  1. I've been here 8 years ago but I wasn't a blogger yet that time, I was still a student, at wala akong matinong photo kasi wala akong camera noon, naki-pic lang haha

  2. I'm from Bulacan. :)

    Too bad, I still haven't explored this church that much.

  3. ganun yata talaga dianne kapag malapit minsan di napapansin kai nga anytime pwede naman puntahan.. ako nga din mas nauuna ko pang ma explore yung malalayo kesa sa malapit sakin like Binondo.. ok lang yan, i explore nalang naten next time :)