Friday, November 4, 2011

Bilar's Man-made Forest | Frolics in Bohol

Freshest cool breeze, tallest mahogany, well preserved and a perfect shed from the sun...

Those were some of the characteristics that a man made forest of bohol had. The moment i stepped foot on this man made wonder i suddenly felt a cool fresh wind that came from the mahogany trees's shed. These mahogany trees according to our tour guide Manong Rick, was a nationwide reforestation project of past President to the Philippines Diosdado Macapagal in the year 1960, led by Governor Lino Chatto, thousands of Mahogany seedlings were spreaded and planted over a 850 hectares of open area which stretches from Loboc to Bilar town.

O.M. Boholanos actually preserved this sanctuary for ages??? amazing isnt it...?

This made me questioned Jhen... what if the whole Philippines were like this, well preserved and well protected, all Filipinos will be perfectly healthy maybe, and won't get ill caused by air pollution, and none of us will be drown from floods and landslide wont happen...and we wont suffer from hot afternoon and unpredictable wheather caused by climate change

Just Thinking...

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