Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bohol's Bingag Zoo | Frolics in Bohol

While riding in a habal-habal (motorcycle) and roaming around Panglao in search for peanut kisses, Jhen and I spotted another tourist spot in Bingag, the Ostrich Farm and Bingag Zoo.

Bingag Zoo was located at Bingag on the south-west of Panglao Island, a 20mins drive from Tagbilaran City. 

This zoo is a home for Ostrich couple and their eggs.

Male ostrich named JACK

his wife ROSE

Jack and Rose??? Titanic??? Well, these Ostriches were named after the lead actor and actress of the1997 movie The Titanic. Sadly I couldn't come close cause their beak can actually hit my head.

Ostrich eggs


I experienced holding an Iguanna without a single feared bone on my body knowing that this very creature scared me a lot when I was just a kid. Well a little trust to our guide and much of courage made this photo possible.

This was also the first time taht I handed over a cute little, cuddly Bunny. I was hesitant at first because I thought that Rabbit bits people then left them with a deadly rabbies, and their mucous and urine can cause leptospirosis as of with the rats... but of course I am wrong, misconception I must say... blah, blah, blah.. STUPID ME...!!!!! hahahahaha...

They also have stuffs like this, well serves as a play ground for children and a perfect spot for picture taking, just like Jhen :)

Souvineer shop can be found in the main entrance, peanut kisses, native bags and other souvineers can be found here.

This Bingag Ostrich Farm and zoo is very educational and will surely enjoy by kids and kids at heart like us :)

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