Sunday, November 13, 2011

Please sign the Petition now and save Palawan

No To Mining in Palawan... 
The brochure says it all... 
A 10million signature campaign against illegal mining in Palawan..  

I have a litte knowledge about what mining really is... all i know is that mining needs to carve holes inside a mountain by the use of dynamite and other explosive materials, also manpower is very useful in this industy... It also requires cutting down thousands of trees which only equivalents to destroying the animals natural habitat..

Palawan is a home for almost a half of Philippines endangered and rare species, it also cradled millions of our flora and fauna and has 7 key biodiversity. Many part of Palawan was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site, this only means that those areas were protected and need to be well kept. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River was nominated as one of the Wonders of the World, this is why I am very sad and annoyed knowing that the government let mining companies to freely conduct their exploration in most places in Palawan, I also heard that some Local Government officials conspires with mining companies in exchange of none!

Yet again hope comes in...public high school students 15 years old and above together with their heroic teachers let theirselves involved in this timely issue to help Palawan survive and to finally stop mining cruelty to nature. Each one of the students handed over a petition form and let their families, friends or even neighbors to sign and participate in this cause.

Imagine... if all of the students here in the Philippines can accomplish a petition form and let others sign in, we can actually fullfill the 10 million signature campaign in No to Mining in Palawan.. 

You can also have your voice heard... Just log in to

Please... please sign the petition now and let our voices heard... Lets bring to life the spirit BAYANIHAN, besides this is where we filipinoes have known for right...A filipino for a Filipino...

Every Vote Counts :)
Godbless PALAWAN...


  1. thank you so much for the support Gaye... I hope this campaign comes out to be a success..