Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My First Blog :)

Well as what the title said, this was my first ever blog... Actually, having a blog never crossed my mind even once, not until I start planning for my Bohol Trip. Due to my addiction on having everything perfectly done, i read a lot of blog posts and done a bunch of researches on where to stay and how to have an awesome tour in Bohol. As a matter of fact, I don't have any idea on how to create a page, post a blog nor personalize a template design, but due to my aspiration to be a travel blogger, i tried my best to make my own blog site.

So, last August 29, 2011, I decided to create my own blogger website on blogspot, and i was amazed on its uncomplicated steps and procedure. After following the steps and hows, at last I have my own site where I can scribble my own travel experience.

The foremost goal of my site was to inspirit others to travel and see what does a wonderful world can offer, as well as to invigorate them to create their own blog, as how the other travel blogger influenced me. Being a travel blogger needs a little patience, creativity, art etc. not only that, you also need to have the following in order to completely produce your travel blog, here's the basics:

1. Camera - A must! To show off what the place has to offer.

2. Laptop/PC and Internet - so you can immediately upload your camera files and easily dole out it to others.

3. Note Pad and Pen - so you can have a draft of your precious moments before inscribing it to your website (so as not to obliterate even a single scoop of your experiences)

4. Travel Books/Travel Maps/Travel Brochure and the likes - do I really need to annotate why?

5. Money - OF COURSE..!!!!

This might not that complete in preference of others, but hey, this were the basics... and could be helpful... I HOPE :))) HAPPY BLOGGING :)))


  1. wow! happy blogging! and keep exploring the Philippines!!! :)

  2. thank you for your support :).. I'm happy you laid your eyes on my post hehehe...