Saturday, September 10, 2011

Worthy Traveler knows this:

Hassle... Chaotic... Unprepared... Raw... Precocious... Unplanned... are words i hate the most especially while I'm traveling. Being an apple of the eye of those who criticized, i learned to make things as impeccable as possible. That's when I thought of making an article for an aspiring traveler like me, or even a family, a couple, a group, or barkadas who wants to have an awesome hassle free trip. The following are some of the helpful and useful tips that you can use throughout your travel.

  •  Choose the destination where you and your companion can both enjoy. It is best to travel during summer for you don't have to argue with the weather, but hotels and tour package prices were a peak high during this season. So it's still your pick.

  • Book your ticket 2 to 3 months ahead of your chosen date. This is to avail promos and discounts, you just have to be quick on availing promo tickets to prevent the irritating word SOLD OUT. Early booking will give you enough time to prepare and search for the cheapest hotel and tour package.

  • Have your own lists of where, when, what, why and how. It's like planning where to go, how to reach the place, when is the perfect time for tour, what are the attractions to see and why you must visit your chosen destination.

  • Read a blog or article about the place, their culture, people/locals and learn some words of their language that you know can be helpful e.g. thank you, where is this place, how much etc.

  • Find a hotel with tour packages. Room accommodation with tour package is cheaper.

  • Always bring extra money with you. Just in case.

  • You should also bring extra clothing for you might be needing it. Toiletries is a must.

  • As much as possible, try to travel with a group of 8-10 pax to minimize your expenses. Remember: The More, The Merrier, The Cheaper.

  • Do not forget to bring flops, rubber shoes/sneakers, for exploring a place requires a lot of foot works.

  • You should not bring a lot of unnecessary stuffs especially to women, your traveling and not to join a modelling competition nor a beauty pageant.

  • Wear light clothing and light colored shirts while your on a travel, wearing such will help you feel comfortable especially during summer.

  • If you are paranoid in getting your skin dark under the sun (like me) , you mustn't forget to bring sunblock lotion and face cream at least with SPF 15.

  • Bring zip-lock plastic container so you can put your electronic gadgets and prevent it from getting wet,.

  • Do not forget to bring your Camera/ Camcoder so you can capture every precious moments.

  • Secure your valuables so as the hotel room key and receipts. 

  • Bring extra foldable light bag just in case you'll buy a lot of thing or pasalubong.

  • Check first the credibility of the person you transact with to prevent scams. Do not pay in full or even 50% of the asked price for packaged tour or hotel accommodation beforehand. Genuine travel agency will ask for only 10%-20%  of the said amenities.

  • Be wise, do not let your excitement be the way of others to trick you.

Hope this will help. I hope you can also share your travel ventures with us. Happy Trip :)))

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