Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family Outing 2011

April 28-29 was the chosen date of my family to spend our summer escapade which held annually. Traditionally we spend it in a beach where we can all enjoy the scenery and the nature as well. As part of total relaxation and family bonding, we chose a resort that is not too far from Manila yet not so close from the well-known pollution and famous noises of the said city.

While planning for the trip, my cousin suggested that we should check out the place where she and her co-teachers held their annual teacher's assembly, and that was in Pundaquit San Antonio, Zambales. After choosing the place, my cousin immediately contact Mang Islaw, the local who owned the Vimar Perges Beach Resort where they stayed before and had our reservation.

After a week of preparation, finally the day that we've been waiting for has come.  This is the most special day for us because in this kind of gathering we can have fun and bonding to the max. hehehehe...

We've decided to rent a private bus (since were 60pax) plus the car of my cousin which occupies 16 people. Being in a huge family, we always ought to rent the biggest mode of transportation.

April 28, 2011

We left the house at 10am and arrived at the resort at 4:15 in the afternoon. Long travel time kills me... not to mention that we did get lost on the way because the driver was not really familiar with the place..

When we arrived there, we've notice that the pristine clear water of the beach were really inviting... It's like the sea water's whispering to my ears saying "take a deep"...

We also notice the beautiful "sunset by the beach" and few mountains around, within, and into the beach, specially the rock formation that looks like a man's face...

A Man's Face
According to the locals, this rock formation is a man facing his wife (which is another rock). They also said that, there are times, this rock will get close to his "wife" just to kiss her.. Unfortunately, we didn't have the chance to see it..

Fishing Village
Let's go Fishing :)
When we woke up the next day, we saw different kinds of bancas or fishing boat (small fishing vessel) that anchored in the coast. These bancas' were popular here in the Philippines knowing the fact that our country were girded with water. We've also seen lots of locals selling fresh catch like squids and different kinds of fish for a very reasonably price.

The Beach
The beach where everyone can enjoy, from young ones, to our age to oldies :)))

Yeah, aspiring to have a good catch...

While roaming around, were surprised to see a small lake or stream or whatever kind of water is that, just a few walks from the sea. What really amazed us is that the water was not salty, I mean, not the same as sea water well in fact their just connected.

going home

After a tiring yet perfect day for us, we packed our things and get ready for another long drive back home. We left Pundaquit at 4pm and arrived home at 8:30. Good thing we didn't bump into a heavy traffic in Manila.

Hope this will help:

For overnight stay

1. Bus Rental for overnight trip costs us P37,500(for private tourists bus), but if you're out of budget there's a passenger bus which occupies 60 pax for only P13,000++ (without A/C).

2. Rooms and cottages range from P1,500-1,800 depending on type and size 

3. Don't expect a first class services nor a five star hotel accommodation. The place never offer such, maybe because this is a fishing village and that their place were not really modernized.

4. You can use free gas range and a "videoke" machine.

5. Sea tour for 100/pax. Inclusion of Capones Island tour and Anawangin Cove Cave Exploration.

6. Fresh Catch from P80-110 pesos per kilo of fish and P80 per kilo of fresh squids.

7. Travel time approx. 4-5 hours.


  1. I am envious, I haven't been here :) Btw, I read ur msg. I did not blocked you maybe it was just a networked glitch :)

  2. wow tina, at last somebody paid attention to my blog.. thank you thank you so much.. :))) this means a lot... i joined into your site already... and your right, its because of the network or some malfunction of the site... thank you :))))

  3. you must come here... you'll surely enjoy this trip, especially the Capones Island and Anawangin Cove, they also offer trekking and mountain climbing...