Monday, March 5, 2012

A Yummy Treat | Are you In or Out?

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In-n-Out... My all time favorite burger...

Marvin always make it a point to bring home a yummy treat from U.S. and this time it's In-n-Out, since we don't have it here in PH yet and he wanted me to taste this famous burger. A night before his flight back, Marvin asked Aunt Lou if it possible to bring In and Out burger to the Philippines knowing that his travel time were approximately 18 hours. At first he want hesitant because it might spoil and turn to waste, but Aunt Lou convinced him and eventually bought 2 pieces of Cheeseburger and 2 pieces Regular.

When they arrived home, Aunt Lou immediately put the burger on fridge so as not to spoil it. The next morning she accompanied Marvin to the airport for his flight bound to Manila.

 After 18 hours of waiting, I finally tasted this yummy burger for the first time.
The burger patty was juicy and meaty, you can actually enjoy its 100% beef with no extenders. It was well grilled and best paired with cheese, pickles, mustard, tomato and tomato ketchup. It's buns were soft and fluffy especially when re-heated to a microwave oven.

Since then Marvin always brings home an In-n-Out for me.

Good thing it didn't spoil.  

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