Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Underwater Beauty of Balicasag Island | Frolics in Bohol

Wow..!!! is the only word that comes out on our mouth the first time we saw the underwater perfection of  the Balicasag Island in Bohol. It is our first time to do snorkeling, yet the Balicasag Island didn't fail to amaze us. Jhen and I were both speechless on what we saw, perfect corals formation, friendly fishes and seaweeds.

A very peaceful ambiance underneath made me fantasize of a perfect world... people at peace and harmony, then a snap!!!!... yeah yeah, I'm just dreaming and maybe just overwhelmed of what's around me.

Those fishes were very accommodating. Maybe they thought we people were harmless haha..!

Here's Nemo!!!

Finally I found Nemo..!!!

and again a PEACE SIGN.. hehehe :))

The only thing that I managed to do was peace sign and a THUMBS-UP!!!

I am really astonished on what I experienced. You will surely appreciate and love nature when you try this :)

***It's just frustrating that someone can afford to lose and destroy such wealth like this in exchange for money***