Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amazing Chocolate Hills | Frolics in Bohol

I learned Bohol's Chocolate hills from my teachers in grade school.  Since then I always thought of going to Bohol and eat chocolates from the hills and that the Chocolate hills were made out of real chocolates. But not until my mom told me that the chocolate hills were just a formation of rock and soil. 

Yeah..!!! 214 steps before you see the majestic Chocolate Hills. Tiring isn't it??? but I can assure all the strain that you felt on your way up will be vanish when you see it.

Kuya Rick our driver/tour guide told us a brief history of Chocolate Hills, he said, during the ancient years, Bohol was just a huge huge corals or rock formation under water, and the hills were created by the waves. We were hesitant at first but when we saw the coral like substance of the flattened mountain side along the way, we both agreed that he's certain on what he said..

I am ecstatic that I finally saw the Famous Chocolate Hills. I have another pictures and memory to boast, hahahaha :)

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