Monday, October 24, 2011

The Ship Haus... | Frolics in Bohol

After a long day of tripping and exploring Bohol, finally we've come to the "almost" last part, well i called it almost because we thought The Ship Haus were the last on our list. This spot were featured in a local tv show here in the Philippines, owned by a Ship Captain whose very fascinated in his craft to made him built a house like this.

Unfortunately, due to lots of delays in Loboc river we came here late so we didn't manage to come inside the house and explore the so called barracks. You can actually rent a room here and serves as a hotel. Live your stay here as if youre in a real ship, except for the waves ofcourse.


  1. nice ship haus out there in Bohol.

    By the way, your blog is I think new i guess. I really remember those times I am also starting my blog and now it is 8 months old... Keep blogging girl.. I'll support you!

  2. yah... just started last aug. 29, my blog needs a makeover right? hehehehe..

    thanks for support dear... i will too in return :)

  3. First time to see this ship haus featured in a blog. Interesting, I wonder how it looks like inside. Like, if they got ship decor as well.