Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Prony the Python in Alburquerque | Frolics in Bohol

Jhen and I were both shocked when our tour guide kuya Rick instructs us to enter Prony's cave. We were anxious at first because Prony's care taker told us that her "baby" can eat 2 big goats or 60 kilos of pig meat in a single meal. "O.M Prony can actually swallow me" good thing Prony just finished his meal so hes harmless and won't turned us into a sumptuous meal.

 Frightened Me

Managed to have a nice shot
 What a Courageous Me

Undies made from Prony's Skin

Marimar in the middle. The Gay performer

There are lots of souvenirs and native delicacies sold here. From peanut kisses and rice cake to hand-knitted bags and crafted key chains.

Calamay (sticky rice cake) on a coconut shell

Calamay in Plastic Container

Hand-knitted Bags

Crafted Key Chains

Sweet Peanut Kisses

Delectable Peanut Fingers
 Peanut kisses sold at PHP120 or USD3 per pack of 16 pieces while the peanut fingers were PHP115 or USD2.80 per pack of 15 pieces.

and a Hat

Kuya Rick said that calamay and peanut kisses that sold here is cheaper compare to other stores, and again he is right... Other stores sold Calamay for PHP40 and Peanut Kisses for PHP140.


  1. We went here too when we went to Bohol but we didn't even go near it's cage. Hubby & I are both really squeamish, hehe =)
    I love Peanut kisses!

    Salamat sa pagfollow =)

  2. yeah gaye, im amazed when i saw that thing.. and wondered how it feels like wearing a rough and hard undies.. uncomfy!!!

  3. thanks tetay.. :) i am really astonish when i saw how big prony is.. and so daunted to get close and manage to have a nice shot..

    this was my first time though..