Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bohol's Must Try..!!! | Frolics in Bohol

Being locked up home with minimal fun, I always wanted to try different things especially while on travel. And to my hunger for adventure and something  diverse, I ought to myself that I will do everything to make the most out of my trips and try something outburst..

Boholano's Calamay in plastic container

Boholano's Calamay in Coconut Shell (native sweet delicacies)

Boholano's Calamay (sticky rice cake) is a must try because of its unique taste and texture. It is sweet and perfect as a meryenda (afternoon snack). It made of glutenous rice plus coco milk and muscovado (raw sugar). Sold for PHP35 less than USD1 each or 3 pcs. for PHP100 or USD2.50.

Peanut Kisses

Peanut Fingers

A delectable product of Bohol, perfect with Salabat (ginger tea) and or coffee. Best for pasalubong or snacks. Made with egg white, peanuts, sugar and vanilla. This sweets made me miss Bohol much... The peanut kisses sold at PHP120 or USD3 per pack of 16 pieces while the peanut fingers were PHP115 or USD2.80 per pack of 15 pieces.

Sea Urchin

I am always puzzle on what sea urchins tastes like, well at long last i finally tasted it at Bohol.
You can buy this at Virgin Island for PHP40 each or less than USD1. It tastes like crab fats with soft, fluffy texture. You can eat it raw dipped in vinegar.

..on Land..

Don't leave Chocolate hills without renting an ATV car. Tour around chocolate hills with this four-wheeled motorcycle is an unforgettable experience, get up-close to the breath taking chocolate hills and meet the beautiful Boholanos on way.

The ATV rental costs PHP400 pesos or USD4.50

This was my first time... Good thing they have tutorials beforehand.

On our way to up-close Chocolate Hills

whew..!!! Finally... Breathtaking.. :)

We've wanted to stay longer... But sadly we can't :(


It's our First Time

The moment we deepened our face to the water to see what's within, the only word that comes out on our mouth was WOW, and the only thing I can do was a THUMBS UP..!!!... It's really amazing to see God's creations.. Fishes, corals, sea weeds etc. ahh.. I love it so much :))))

Very Peaceful

Feed the Fish

You should try this when you go to Bohol for a change... Something different and outrageous.


  1. I love their Peanut kisses...
    i was not allowed to ride the quad bike then coz i was pregnant, but would definitely have a go next time we visit! Ang saya! =)

  2. wow..! thanks for the comment kristeta :))) you must try riding the ATV.. super saya and exciting :)

  3. excellent shots...good luck on your future travels.